Boilers for heating and DHW, for solid fuel biomass: wood pellets, agro pellets, sunflower husk, almond pits, walnut shells or pistachio.



Design, manufacture, supply and installation of ventilation systems and separate elements. Industrial ventilation and aspiration



Nowadays, energy-efficient and comfortable heating and air conditioning play an increasingly

important role both in the private and

professional sector



Solar hot water systems for homes, restaurants,hotels and manufacturing plants


Enerco BG Ltd is based in the town of Silistra and specializes in trade and installation of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems. The team consists of highly qualified professionals equipped with specialized equipment for installation. The company has commercial, warehouse and manufacturing base in the town of Silistra.

Products and services of Enerco BG Ltd


Design, delivery and installation of air conditioning, ventilation, and biomass heating systems for industries, commercial premises and home. Heat pump systems, Solar hot water systems, Warranty and post warranty service and maintenance.

Head Office:, 2a "Luben Karavelov",  7500, Silistra ,e-mail: